05/07/1995 Viewpoint Normal Dylan Wilson Braamse 1 (Also known as The Viewer) or known as 05/07/1995 Viewpoint only child Normal Dylan Wilson Braamse1 is the main protagonist of real life Michigan. he is the only character that can see through the eyes. However, he was seen in the mirror, on TV camera, on the picture as visible character on picture, only etc. he is usually a first person shooter man. However his self was seen on two tv cameras (one is his action role-playing self and the other is his third person shooter self). Thus seeing his viewpoint self on a picture added to his visible self on a picture. Edit

he was controlled by cellphone. his Date of Birth is May 7, 1995.

so he is turning 19 in 2014 in real life. He is 40 years younger than 01/02/1955 visible Normal Jeannette Kay Jones 1. He is the only child of sandy chapman.

He carries a Luger P08 pistol artillery.