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  1. All trailers seen in the opening of the DVD version
  2. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  3. Paramount Home Video
  4. Nick Jr. Kids Opening
  5. Face Asks "Are you Ready to Sing?"
  6. Bestest in the Barn Music Video
  7. Face Makes Spin Art (Short version)
  8. You Can Be My Friend
  9. Face Sings the Alphabet Song (Charlie and Lola version)
  10. Too Many Big Words
  11. Face is All Scrambled Up (Charlie and Lola version)
  12. It is Absolutely Completely Not Messy
  13. Face and the Plane (Short version)
  14. I Will Be Especially, Very Careful
  15. Face Turns the Lights On and Off (Short version)
  16. Can You Maybe Turn the Light On?
  17. Face Sings the Yes No Opera (Charlie and Lola version)
  18. Yes I Am, No You're Not
  19. Face in the Jungle (Charlie and Lola version)
  20. Please May I Have Some of Yours?
  21. Nick Jr. Kids Closing
  22. Charlie and Lola credits
  23. Paramount Home Video