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  1. All trailers seen in the DVD version
  2. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  3. Paramount Home Video
  4. Nick Jr. Kids Opening
  5. Face Announces a Special Song (Red Version)
  6. Dancing Dogs Music Video
  7. Face Has A Butterfly For A Nose
  8. My Best Best Bestest Friend
  9. Face Looks At A Chameleon (Charlie and Lola version)
  10. What If I Get Lost in the Middle of Nowhere?
  11. Face Watches A Parade (Short version)
  12. I Just Love My Red Shiny Shoes
  13. Face Tries Many Patterns (Short version)
  14. Lucky, Lucky Me
  15. Face Loves Birthdays (Charlie and Lola version)
  16. This is Actually My Party
  17. Face The Washing Machine
  18. Will You Please Stop Messing About
  19. Face the Superhero
  20. Look After Your Planet
  21. Nick Jr. Kids Closing
  22. Charlie and Lola credits
  23. Paramount Home Video