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Daniel Mayers was the second voice actor for Charlie Sonner. He was replaced by Oriel Agranoff.

Episodes he voiced Charlie in[]

It is absolutely completely not messy I spy with my little eyes I am extremely magic This is actually my party How many more minutes I am collecting a collection My best, best, bestest friend Lucky, Lucky Me I just love my red shiny shoes I really wonder what plant I'm growing Charlie is broken! I will be especially very careful Yes I am, No you're not I am really, really, really concentrating Will you please stop messing about I completely know about guinea pigs What if I get lost in the middle of nowhere? Welcome to lolaland Please may I have some of yours Can you maybe turn the light on You can be my friend I wish I could draw exactly more like you I will not ever never forget you, nibbles Never ever never step on the cracks Look after your planet Too many big words How many more minutes until Christmas?


Daniel Mayers replaced Jethro Lundie-Brown in the role.

Daniel Mayers starred in 27 episodes, as does Oriel Agranoff.