Lola and Lotta both love to ride their tricycles but when Lotta decides to give up her trike for good because she's a big girl and has started riding a big-girl bike, Lola becomes envious and wants to learn to ride a big-girl bicycle, too. She is happy when Charlie agrees to teach her how to ride a big-girl bike and gives her his old one. Now both Lotta and Lola have big-girl bikes with training wheels. But one day when Lola goes to the park, she realizes that Lotta has removed her training wheels, causing Lola to panic. Now Lola has to learn to ride her bike without training wheels, too!

As a result, she likes it. Lola then says that she can't wait to ride her bike with Lotta, but a few seconds later, she crashes the bike, hurting her foot. In the bedroom, Lola has her foot bandaged, and says that she doesn't want to ride her bike again. Then she decides to go on her trike. Charlie tells Lola that her trike is slow and won't be able to catch up with the others to the park.


This is the 60th episode overall.