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"I Want to Play Music Too"
Season 1, episode 22
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I Want to Play Music Too is the twenty-second episode of "Charlie and Lola".


Charlie and Marv are to appear in a musical assembly about outer space at school. Lola wants to join in and desperately wishes that she could play music too, but can't seem to master any instruments. Charlie comes up with some makeshift instruments that she might be able to manage. But on the day of the presentation, Marv is sick- who will take his place?.


Charlie and Marv are practicing their music program about outer space for tomorrow's school assembly. Charlie is on the clarinet and Marv is on keyboard. Lola is interested and wants to play music too, but is annoyed by the fact that only Charlie and Marv are the ones to play music for the assembly. Charlie tells the story while Marv does the sounds with his keyboard. Soon, Marv leaves, and Lola tries to get a hold of Charlie's clarinet, but Charlie tells Lola the clarinet needs lots of practice. But Lola still wants to play an instrument, so Charlie suggests something easier to play, so Lola picks a harp, but it's too big for her and it won't fit in her school bag, so she decides a piano, but Charlie isn't so sure, so Lola decides she would play a brass instrument, but not a trombone or a trumpet, but a tuba, but the only thing she has is her xylophone, which she can lose one of the mallets very easily. Charlie tells Lola that it takes a lot of practice to be good at an instrument, which then Lola gets quite upset, so Charlie helps her feel better by helping her make her own instruments: maracas made with dried pea-filled bottles, cymbals made with trash can lids, a drum made with a potato-filled box, and chimes made with pink milk-filled glasses. Lola is so happy with her new instruments that she declares she will take them to school to show her teacher, Mrs. Hanson. Lola doesn't want to play music with Charlie and Marv because she has her own music that she can make. The next day at school, Charlie hears that Marv is sick and can't play music with Charlie at the assembly. At the assembly, Charlie has stage fright and can't have music in his piece, but when he gets to the "shooting across the stars" part, Lola starts playing her xylophone. Charlie's stage fright is cured, and as he goes on with the story, Lola continues to make her own sound effects with her own instruments. With Lola's great music and silly sound effects, Charlie's outer space program is a huge success.

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