Charlie wins first prize at his school science fair for his fantastic homemade rocket ship made from 10 yogurt cartons and extra wide tinfoil. As he puts away his rocket in a safe place, he explains to Lola that the rocket ship isn't a toy and she should promise not to break it.

Charile told that Lola can do cooking with her mom, but Lola says she doesn't even want to do that anyway.

She can't play with Lotta because she's visiting her cousin today, and Lola doesn't like playing on her own.

Then Lola and her imaginary friend, Sorren Lorenson, pretended to transport an elephant back to the jungle. Sorren tells Lola that they might use Charlie's rocket. But it isn't going to be easy as it looks.

As Lola tries to get Charlie's rocket from the high shelf, she breaks it as it falls to pieces. Afterwards, they mend it, but not properly.

When Charlie comes home, he finds that his rocket is broken and is fuming. He tells Lola that if she broke his rocket or not. Lola says she didn't do it, blaming Soren Lorenson.

A few minutes later, Lola and Soren try to tell the truth to Charlie, but Charlie thinks it never happened because Lola told that they were trying to get some of their toys to fit in the rocket. Charlie tells mum, making Lola upset.

Lola then goes to Charlie and herself's bedroom. She tells the truth to Charlie and says sorry. Charlie says it's OK since Lola apologized. Then Lola sees that Charlie scrapped the rocket and she was extremely upset!