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Here is a list of in-between segments for when two episodes air together, which happens on certain channels such as Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior.

In-between segments[]

In-between segment Episodes it is in between
Lola is drinking Pink Milk from a straw attached to the ground. This lowers the floor (which is made from pink milk) and changes Lola's dress from red to teal. Charlie walks over to her when she is almost done drinking. One bird can be seen on the straw and another bird can be seen on the floor.
Charlie shows Lola a ladybug on his hand. Lola then goes offscreen and then comes back onscreen while holding a cat. Charlie then runs offscreen and comes back onscreen riding an elephant. Lola then drops the cat and runs offscreen, then comes back onscreen riding a whale. Will You Please Stop Messing About/I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs,
Lola is trying to find a way to ride across the water. She tears off the upper-right corner of the wallpaper to make a paper boat to meet Charlie, who is also riding a paper boat. A fish jumps out of the water while Lola meets Charlie.
Lola is chasing a red butterfly with white flowers on it. She passes by a white wallpaper with blue waves on it. The butterfly then goes to the wallpaper that has the same pattern as it (which Charlie is standing behind). Charlie then claps, revealing the wallpaper to be several butterflies, and Lola gasps.
Charlie and Lola jump onto puzzle pieces to complete a jigsaw puzzle, which is revealed to be a spring dog used by the former and a spring bird used by the latter.
Charlie holds a tiny Lola (who is saying inaudible gibberish in a high-pitch sped-up voice) in his hand. Lola then walks into the foreground and her voice returns to normal as she and Charlie giggle.


  • One of the DVD's has a bonus features where all the in-between segments are watched at once, and the Theme Music plays over them.