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Marty is Morten and Marv's older brother. He is a minor character and the main antagonist of the episode "Look After Your Planet" in the series.

In one episode entitled "Look After Your Planet", he was shown not liking to throw anything away and hasn't cleaned his room in one whole year. He also doesn't like people going inside of his room and he was heard yelling "Get out of my room, now!" in that episode when he caught Morten, Marv, Charlie, and Lola snooping and he opens the door offscreen by yelling "Who's been in my room?!" at the end of the episode.

Later on, he was mentioned by Marv a lot, and seems to be a much kinder older brother since he taught Marv a lot of things.

In one episode entitled “I Can Train Your Dog”, He is seen on a picture with his siblings in the kitchen, but he was cut off and only shown a little bit of him including a little bit of his head, a little bit of his clothing, a little bit of his hair and the whole of his one ear. In that episode he appears to wear a very dark blue hoody with grey trousers and his shoe colours are not seen.

In one episode entitled ‘’I Am Making a Craze’’, He tought Marv how to throw a boomerang hoop.


  • His voice actor is Charlie Avery and his name is not shown in the end credits.
  • Since he's only mentioned throughout the rest of the series, it is possible that there is an age limit for characters to appear, like how you never see any one over Charlie and Marv's age. And since Marty is over Charlie and Marv's age, this is quite possible.
  • Marty might have been born in 1992.
  • Marty may be 14, but it isn't mentioned.