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Nibbles Sonner was Charlie and Lola's mouse. He only appeared in "I Will Not Ever Never Forget You, Nibbles". He is silver-white with black spots.


Nibbles was adopted by Charlie and Lola. He did very clever tricks, possibly declaring him the winner of the pet show at school.


When Charlie and Lola went to Nibbles' cage, Nibbles is declared dead. Charlie said that himself and Lola could decorate a box to bury the 1 year old mouse. They put glitter, leaves, food, and loads more.

Nibbles was then wrapped in a tissue, and Dad dug a hole in the garden. Charlie and Lola played a tune on their clarinet and flute as a tribute. Then lola says her last replies to nibbles, "I will never forget you, Nibbles".


Nibbles is an Argentine polka-dotted mouse.