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Pirate Squidbones is the main antagonist of the Charlie and Lola series. Another of Charlie and Marv's favorite comics and cartoons, Pirate Squidbones tells of the adventures of a notorious one-eyed pirate and his motley crew.

Pirate Squidbones he is a tall man with long red hair and a late-afternoon beard.He wears a large, purple hat with a feather and a drawing of a skull that most resembles an alien.

An eyepatch over his right eye, and an earring in his left ear. He also wears a red coat with a white shirt underneath, a black belt around it, blue pants, red socks with black stripes, and shoes with buckles, he has a crooked bronze hook in his right hand.


Pirate Squidbones first appears when he arrives on his ship and his pirate crew ordering Charlie and Lola to hand over their teeth to them.however Charlie and Lola deny his order and then squidbone threatens saying that if they don't hand over their teeth he will pull out the smiling kids teeth.

Charlie and Lola get into a paper boat and go after the Squidbones to save the smiling kids, but the toothless pirates try to stop them throwing giant apples in an attempt to sink the boat where Charlie and Lola are.

With the help of the tooth fairy, Charlie and Lola manage to climb aboard and engage in a sword battle against the pirates.

Squidbones and his crew were tied up by Charlie and Lola.


  • Pirate Squidbones is very similar to Captain Hook from Peter Pan, in addition to wearing clothes that use the same color palette and having hooks for hands, both are evil pirates who kidnap children and hate fairies.