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Season 1 is the very first season of Charlie and Lola. It aired on 2005, starting with "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato" to "But I Am an Alligator".


Charlie has a little sister named Lola; she is 'small, and very funny'. Lola often gets caught up in situations that she (inadvertently) causes, whether it's running out of money at the zoo and having to borrow Charlie's, to forgetting her entire suitcase when having a sleepover at a friend's house. These situations are sometimes comedic (for example, in the episode 'Help! I Really Mean It!') but often reflect real world problems that younger children may face, for example losing a best friend, not getting the preferred part in a school play, or becoming too excited about an upcoming event and accidentally ruining it.

When these situations happen, Charlie usually ends up having to solve her problems through imaginative or creative methods, or by explaining to Lola where she went wrong. This is particularly demonstrated in the episode 'I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato', when Charlie plays a trick on Lola to rename her least favourite food (carrots, mashed potatoes, fish fingers, and tomatoes) to more fantastical names so that she'll eat them, such as 'orange twiglets from Jupiter' and 'ocean nibblers from the supermarket under the sea'. In this same episode Lola imagines that the bowl of tomatoes in front of her are actually a bowl of "moonsquirters" making it the only time in history Lola actually EATS a tomato. So it might turn out she likes tomatoes. But in later episodes, it was proven otherwise. So it was back to the tomato-hating Lola we all know and love. This can teach little children to try different foods they never had (even tomatoes).

In many episodes, Lola's best friend Lotta, Lola's imaginary friend Soren Lorenson, and Charlie's best friend Marv become involved in some way or another. Although adults are mentioned through dialogue, none of them are ever shown or heard on-screen.


Episode Number Title UK Airdate US Airdate AUS Airdate Description DVD Volume Notes
1 "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato" 7 November 2005 1 January 2007 Monday 3 October 2005 Charlie has to make dinner for Lola, but she's a very picky eater and refuses to eat carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, fish sticks and her least favourite food, tomatoes (although she has never tried these foods before). So Charlie tricks Lola into eating the foods she "hates" by changing their names: Carrots to "Orange Twiglets from Outer Space", Peas to "Green Drops from Green Land", Mashed Potatoes to "Cloud Fluff", and Fish Sticks to "Ocean Nibbles from under the sea". One This episode is adapted from the first Charlie and Lola' book. On the back of "Charlie and Lola: One" Lola comments this episode, writing "Yuk".
2 "I Can Do Anything That's Everything All on My Own" 8 November 2005 1 January 2007 Tuesday 4 October 2005 Lola insists on doing everything on her own, even some things she is not really good at. Charlie tries to teach her that there is nothing wrong with occasionally accepting a little help from others. Three
3 "I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed" 9 November 2005 2 January 2007 Wednesday 5 October 2005 Charlie has to get Lola ready for bed but Lola insists that she is not tired, and is too busy drinking strawberry pink milk with tigers, brushing her teeth with a lion, playing with a whale in the bath, and dancing with some disco dogs. Two This episode is adapted from Lauren Child's second 'Charlie and Lola book.
4 "But That is My Book" 10 November 2005 3 January 2007 Thursday 6 October 2005 Lola's favorite book is 'Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies', which she often borrows from the local library. But when someone else borrows her beloved book, Charlie tries to find another book that will win her interest. Two
5 "There is Only One Sun and That is Me!" 11 November 2005 4 January 2007 Friday 7 October 2005 Lola has her heart set on playing the Sun in an upcoming school production, so she tries to get her teacher to fulfill her destiny, but then she is upset when she is cast as a leaf. Charlie tries to convince Lola that leaves are very important. Three
6 "We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog" 14 November 2005 5 January 2007 Monday 10 October 2005 Lola likes dogs, but can't have one because her parents insist that she is must be responsible enough to have one. Her and Lotta's favourite dog is Marv's dog Sizzles. At the park, the girls persuade Marv to leave Sizzles under their care while he and Charlie go play soccer. However, when they finally get their wish, Lola and Lotta detach Sizzles from his leash (despite Marv telling them never to do so) while fighting over who's in charge, and he goes missing by accident. When the girls finally find the dog, they also see one that looks just like him, and can't tell them apart. They chose the one that sits first (Sizzles' best trick) but aren't satisfied with their pick. Fortunately, Charlie reads the dog's name tag, confirming that he is Sizzles. One
7 "I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won" 15 November 2005 6 January 2007 Tuesday 11 October 2005 Lola always wants to win at everything – even if it means cheating. So Charlie challenges her to a race around the park that she cannot possibly cheat at. Three
8 "I Like My Hair Completely the Way It Is" 16 November 2005 7 January 2007 Wednesday 12 October 2005 Charlie and Lola need to have a haircut today, but Lola doesn't want hers done. Four
9 "I'm Really Ever So Not Well" 17 November 2005 8 January 2007 Thursday 13 October 2005 Lola is ill in bed and can't play football with Charlie and Marv. Charlie has promised Marv that he'll play football with him, but Lola begs him to stay and cheer her up. One On the back of "Charlie and Lola: One" Lola comments on this episode, writing "Achooo!".
10 "I Am Hurrying I'm Almost Nearly Ready" 18 November 2005 9 January 2007 Friday 14 October 2005 Charlie is trying to get Lola to hurry up or else they'll be late for school. But Lola finds it so hard to hurry when there is coloring, dancing clouds, playing hopscotch on musical pavements, and laughing with hysterical hedgehogs that distract her.

Guest Stars: Enn Reitel and Dan Chambers as the laughing Hedgehogs

Four This episode is sometimes listed as simply "I am Hurrying".
11 "BOO! Made You Jump!" 21 November 2005 10 January 2007 Monday 17 October 2005 Charlie is good at making Lola jump. Lola is desperate to be able to make him jump back, but, as hard as she tries, just can't seem to do it. So the only way to make him jump is to host a sleepover along with Lotta and Marv. Two
12 "The Most Wonderfullest Picnic in the Whole Wide World" 22 November 2005 11 January 2007 Tuesday 18 October 2005 Charlie and Lola are planning a picnic along with Marv and Lotta, but the picnic is foiled when the weather exceeds the children's expectations. Two
13 "It Wasn't Me!" 23 November 2005 15 January 2007 Wednesday 19 October 2005 Charlie tells Lola not to play with his home-made model rocket, but Lola just can't resist when she and Soren Lorenson have to use it to return a sad elephant back home to the jungle. The rocket gets broken, and when Charlie finds out, Lola needs help admitting that she broke his rocket. Three
14 "It's a Secret..." 24 November 2005 16 January 2007 Thursday 20 October 2005 Today is Charlie's birthday, and Lola knows what his birthday surprise is. Will she be able to stop herself blurting it out and ruining it? One On the back of "Charlie and Lola: One" Lola comments on this episode, writing "Shhhh".
15 "I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's It's Just That..." 25 November 2005 17 January 2007 Friday 21 October 2005 Charlie and Lola are going to visit their grandparents' house by the sea for the weekend. Lola likes going to Granny and Grandpa's but she is worried about remembering to pack everything. Then she is worried about missing her parents, and they miss her. One This episode is sometimes listed as simply "I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's".
16 "I Do Not Ever, Never Want My Wobbly Tooth to Fall Out" 28 November 2005 18 January 2007 Monday 24 October 2005 Lola has a loose tooth, but does not want it to fall out, until she learns about the tooth fairy, who will leave her money in exchange for her tooth. But then the tooth refuses to come out; when it finally does, Lola stores the tooth for the tooth fairy, but soon, she loses the tooth for real. Eventually, she and Charlie find the tooth. Four
17 "Say "Cheese"" 29 November 2005 19 January 2007 Tuesday 25 October 2005 Today is picture day at class and Lola must keep clean for a whole school day for her first school picture. But keeping clean for a whole day is really, really hard!. Three
18 "I'm Just Not Keen on Spiders" 30 November 2005 1 February 2007 Wednesday 26 October 2005 Lola finds a spider in the sink when trying to brush her teeth, and she doesn't like spiders very much. Charlie tries to show her that some spiders don't hurt us and that they're our friends. Soon, Lola has grown attached to the little creepy crawly, now keeping him as a pet and naming him Sidney. After they have place the spider outside, the weather changes, and Lola worries on what might happen to her new little friend. One On the back of "Charlie and Lola: One" Lola comments on this episode by drawing a little black spider.
19 "Snow is My Favourite and My Best" 1 December 2005 2 February 2007 Thursday 27 October 2005 Snow is forecast and Lola can't wait for it to arrive. When it finally comes, Charlie, Lola, Marv, Lotta and Sizzles all have a wonderful time playing in it. But when the snow melts, Lola is quite upset, and Charlie must try and explain that it would lose its appeal if it snowed all the time. Four
20 "You Won't Like This Present as Much as I Do!" 2 December 2005 3 February 2007 Friday 28 October 2005 Lola wants to choose the best present in the world for Lotta's birthday party. She chooses a doctor's kit, but doesn't think that Lotta will appreciate the kit as much as she would, and would rather like to keep it for herself. Two
21 "I Must Take Completely Everything" 5 December 2005 4 February 2007 Monday 31 October 2005 Lola is going to stay at Lotta's house for the night, and packs everything she needs for them to play Cinderella. Back home, Charlie and Marv set up their race car track. But Lola arrives without her suitcase and Charlie and Marv can't find an important piece of the track, teaching both parties a lesson in improvisation and imagination. Four Soren Lorenson does not talk in this episode.
22 "I Want to Play Music Too" 6 December 2005 5 February 2007 Tuesday 1 November 2005 Charlie and Marv are to appear in a musical assembly about outer space at school. Lola wants to join in and desperately wishes that she could play music too, but can't seem to master any instruments. Charlie comes up with some makeshift instruments that she might be able to manage. But on the day of the presentation, Marv is sick- who will take his place?. Two
23 "I'm Far Too Extremely Busy" 7 December 2005 6 February 2007 Wednesday 2 November 2005 Lola is playing secretary, waitress, dentist and librarian. Way too busy to play with Lotta, Charlie, or Soren Lorenson. But Charlie's new card game, Mix-Up Flip-Flop, is awfully tempting. One
24 "I Want to Be Much More Bigger Like You" 8 December 2005 9 February 2007 Thursday 3 November 2005 Lola wishes she was taller. Charlie tries to show her that being small can have its benefits by switching places with her. Four
25 "My Little Town" 9 December 2005 3 March 2007 Monday 7 November 2005 Charlie and Lola have fun playing with their new "Build Your Own City" toy that Granny and Grandpa have bought them, but Charlie wants to build airports and play aliens, whereas Lola wants draw and build a zoo. Will they manage to share? Three
26 "But I Am an Alligator" 12 December 2005 1 March 2007 Friday 4 November 2005 Granny and Grandpa have bought Lola an alligator costume. Lola is obsessed with wearing it and insists that she will never take it off. But with an upcoming school presentation, Charlie is worried that Lola will make a fool of herself. Will Lola take off the alligator costume? Four

(Note: The first series is listed here in production order, the order in which it was originally broadcast in the United Kingdom and Australia. The order of episodes, on BBC One,CBeebies and ABC Australia, has been shuffled on repeat runs. The American broadcasts were also in a different order.)


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