Season 1 of Charlie and Lola started in November 2005 with I will Not ever never eat a tomato and ended with My little town.


I will not ever never eat a tomato I can do anything that's everything all on my own I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed But that is my book There is only one sun and that is me! We do promise honestly we can look after your dog I've won, No I've won, No I've won I like my hair completely the way it is I'm really ever so not well I am hurrying I'm almost nearly ready BOO! Made you jump! The most wonderfullest picnic in the whole wide world It wasn't me! It's a secret... I love going to granny and grandpa's and it's just that... I do not ever never want my wobbly tooth to fall out Say Cheese! I'm just not keen on spiders Snow is my favourite and my best You won't like this present as much as I do! I must take completely everything I want to play music too I'm far too extremely busy I want to be much more bigger like you But I am an alligator My little town

Voices of season 1Edit

Charlie Jethro Lundie-Brown

Lola Maisie Cowell

Marv Ryan Harris

Lotta Morgan Gayle

Soren Lorenson Stanley Street

All season 1 episodes are on DVDs 1-4.

An article by Jack Evans