The Curator is an antagonist from the SRMTHFG series. An eccentric yet creepy owner of the possibly "haunted" Shuggazoom History Museum that has been closed for years until the Hyperforce got their own exhibit for their heroic deeds. He believes history is most interesting when "evil triumpths over good", and has several ancestors to support that belief (a medieval knight that took several innocent lives in witch trials, a western outlaw that wiped a town off the map, and a caveman that's possibly responsible for dinosaurs going extinct, just to name a few). In attempt to make sure he goes down in history himself, the Curator turns the museum and it's exhibits into a hub of pocket-dimension so copies of his anscestors and several ancient torture devices could destroy the Hyperforce, but the whole plan eventually backfires on him when his creations are defeated and he ends up in a pocket dimension of modern Shuggazoom City that formed from the newest exhibit, while the Hyperforce, thanks to Antauri, found the real exit... upon returning to the present (and reality for that matter), a new figurine of the Curator is found in the Hyperforce Exhibit, showing he got what he wanted in an eternal prison. he is Soren Lorensen's Match. he was Inspired by a cross between Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam while Soren Loresen is Bugs Bunny. he is voiced by Danny Mann.