The Wonder Wiggles is a band of 5 people who sing songs in London, United Kingdom.

Characters Edit

Charlie Sonner Edit

Charlie is the yellow Wonder Wiggle and is known for playing football and driving the Big Red Flycar. His best friend is Marv.

Lola Sonner Edit

Lola is the red Wonder Wiggle and likes to dress up and cosplay. Her best friend is Lotta

Marv Lowe Edit

Marv is the blue Wonder Wiggle and is always hungry, meaning he likes to eat, mostly Fruit Salad. He has a dog named Sizzles. His best friend is Charlie.

Lotta Zehybe Edit

Lotta is the purple Wonder Wiggle and likes to sleep. She tends to fall asleep a lot, which causes the others to call out "WAKE UP LOTTA!" and that causes her to wake up, jump up and down, and do all sorts of silly things. Her best friend is Lola.

Alyssa Powers Edit

Alyssa is the green Wonder Wiggle and is the lead singer. She likes to sing, read, draw, paint, color, create experiments, and more. She is the youngest of the Wonder Wiggles because of her age before she stars this band. Her sister is Katelyn, her brother is Daniel, her father is Deron, and her two cats are Luna and Midnight.