The Wonder Wiggles babysit Kitten Boy and Chicklette is an episode of the Wonder Wiggles

Plot Edit

Charlie, Lola, Marv, Lotta, Alyssa, Connor, Amaya, and Greg are outside riding their bikes. Greg thought he was too young to ride a bike without stabilizers, so Charlie taught him how, just like how he did with Lola. Suddenly, they saw several people as babies, who were whining, crying, and laughing. The Wonder Wiggles guessed Romeo fixed his Baby Beam and team up with the PJ Masks.

Nightfall arrives, and Connor, Amaya, and Greg transform into Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as soon as Charlie, Lola, Marv, Lotta, and Alyssa become Wonder Wiggles. While the PJ Masks drove the Gekko-mobile, the Wonder Wiggles drove the Big Red Flyboat.

Romeo still wants an army of babies and wants to add the PJ Masks and the Wonder Wiggles to his army and play "Romeo Says" to command them what to do. Robot tried to make Owlette hold still, but Owlette dodged Robot's head, but got zapped again, which turned her into a baby and made it harder for her to fly. Running up to her, The Wonder Wiggles and Gekko ask her if she is okay as Chicklette replied that she got a boo-boo.

While the Wonder Wiggles helped Chicklette get up, Catboy used Super Cat Speed, but got zapped and turned into a baby again as he fell on his butt and meowed like a real cat then licked himself clean just as Chicklette ran up to him to pet him like a real kitty-cat.

Romeo then decides to play Romeo Says with Kitten Boy and Chicklette, but the Wonder Wiggles and Gekko told them this is no time for games. Kitten Bot giggled and blew a raspberry and Chicklette said no and wanted to play. So, Gekko used Super Gekko Camouflage while the Wonder Wiggles hid in different spots.

Kitten Boy and Chicklette tried to find them, but Kitten Boy shrugged just as he saw a butterfly flying by and went to chase after it. Romeo looked around to see where the Wonder Wiggles and Gekko went when Gekko appeared and used Super Gekko Muscles to push the Gekko-mobile and the Big Red Flyboat down the hill. Romeo shouted "No! I'll get you all for this! Cause' you're next!" and he and Robot ran to the other side to catch the lab.

The PJ Masks got in the Gekko-mobile, but Kitten Boy and Chicklette need help buckling up. Kitten Boy and Chicklette whined and wriggled in their seats as Gekko was slightly annoyed while driving back to HQ for safety. Inside the HQ, Chicklette ran up to a tradmill and wonder what it does, but Gekko told her not to touch anything. Kitten Boy was told "no pouncing!" while pouncing on the Cat Car.

Alyssa tells Kitten Boy and Chicklette that they're superheroes, not 2-year olds, but Chicklette said, "I'm 3! 1, 2, 3!" and Kitten Boy said "I'm thirsty! 1, 2, thirsty!" Gekko got a bowl and a glass, and Lola poured Pink Milk in them. As soon as they were done, Chicklette crawled and Kitten Boy burped and excused himself.

As Marv saw Chicklette using Lola's crayons to draw and write on walls, he told her "no drawing on the walls!" and Kitten Boy was up a tree and Charlie told him, "get down here this instant!". Then, Lola and Lotta put Kitten Boy down as they put him and Chicklette in the time-out corner and the two started crying.

Alyssa told the two not to cry and fed them biscuits. Back outside, Romeo turned one of the pigeons into a chick. The Wonder Wiggles taught Chicklette flying lessons, and Gekko taught Kitten Boy to run as fast as possible and say "Super Cat Speed, and whoosh!". Afterwards, The Wonder Wiggles reminds them that Romeo is the bad guy, so they need to stop him.

As Romeo typed on his keyboard to get ready to fire a beam at the Wonder Wiggles and Gekko, the Baby Beam was on, but the Wonder Wiggles and Gekko have their two backups, Kitten Boy and Chicklette, who were sleeping with Lotta as Romeo and Robot laughed at them.

The awake Wonder Wiggles and Gekko said, "1, 2, 3. Wake up Lotta!", as Chicklette fluttered her eyes open and asked the Wonder Wiggles and Gekko to tell her and Kitten Boy a bedtime story. The awake Wonder Wiggles faced Romeo, but got grabbed by Robot. Kitten Boy, Chicklette, and Lotta woke up and got back in action. Kitten Boy yells at Romeo to leave his friends alone and used Super Cat Speed to make the lab dizzy.

The Baby Beam spun and turned Robot into a baby, then was reversed and turned Chicklette and Kitten Boy back into adults. Catboy and Owlette are confused as Owlette asked what happened, but the Wonder Wiggles and the PJ Masks finished their mission.


  • When Catboy meows, he sounds like Luna.
  • This is inspired by the PJ Masks episode, Terrible Two-Some.
  • It is revealed that babies can eat biscuits and drink pink milk. 
  • The baby beam now turns people into actual babies instead of making them act like babies.