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Charlie and Lola Intro

The theme music is the start of Charlie and Lola series. The intro is animated in the UK. It was composed by Soren Munk and Tom Dyson as seen in the end credits.



Kids: Charlie and Lola!



The intro starts with Charlie and Lola are in a white circle on a red background. Butterflies appear and the two giggle. Suddenly, one of Lola's hairclips joins the butterflies because of its butterfly-like appearance. On a background with a pink stripe at the top, a yellow stripe in the middle, and an orange stripe at the bottom, we see Charlie and Lola's running feet on the pink stripe, followed by Lola chasing her hairclip on the yellow stripe. Charlie then looks for Lola and finds her in a jumping ball on the pink stripe and waves to her. As Lola jumps on the stripes, they disappear, and we see Charlie and Lola jumping from planet to planet in space. Charlie then notices that Lola is gone, but is seen sliding on the blue planet's ring and Charlie follows her and pulls a cord, changing a scene to a table with various supplies. Lola uses a green pencil and a blue crayon to draw, but then sees her hairclip and the butterflies and tries to catch them, but they got away. She calls Charlie for assistance. Charlie then uses the blue crayon to draw a staircase and Lola goes up it. We then cut to a glass of pink milk, and Charlie and Lola slide down the straw, which is drinking the pink milk. A bird is on the straw and the text "Originated by Lauren Child" can be seen. Charlie then looks up to see Lola, who is revealed to be drinking the pink milk. The butterflies transition the scene to a white circle with the show's title on it on a yellow background, as well as Lola's hairclip. the kids then yell out, "Charlie and Lola!". Charlie picks up Lola's hairclip and puts it in Lola's hair. They then giggle and the episode begins.

Short Version[]

Same as the normal version, but Charlie and Lola giggly differently, the "Originated by Lauren Child" text is on the orange stripe instead of on the pink milk straw, the space scene is removed, Charlie is seen drawing the staircase, and Charlie is on the straw watching Lola drink, and the background where the title is seen is red instead of yellow without the hairclip.