Lola likes class. Her favorite subjects at school are math, music (even when music and math are combined), writing, doodling, and of course, reading! Every week she goes to the school library to check out an interesting book. One day, she checks out a book that she has never read before. It's a Chinese folktale about a bird who learns to sing. But when she starts to read it at home, she likes the pictures, but she is not able to read the big words. That's when she realizes she needs help with reading big words. So Charlie tells her what she might be really good at. Lola says she could count, but she could only count to ten. Then she explains some reasons why she can only count that high. So Charlie tells her if she practices, then she might count higher. So Lola decides if she could practice counting, writing, and music so she can get better at them, then she could practice reading big words and get better at it. Charlie hands Lola a picture dictionary for her to learn words. Now Lola is getting better at reading! Every day she reads cereal boxes, comic books, and other things and learning more and more words. Then one night at bedtime, she starts reading the book. It is titled "Piccolo, the Bird Who Couldn't Sing". Then Charlie walks over and Lola explains that the bird in the story's is Piccolo and he couldn't sing. Then Lola reads the book, and in the story, there is a bird who learns how singing. Lola is very happy. She can read really well at the end!